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Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Nailing - A Fun Halloween Activity

I found this idea of pounding nails into a pumpkin here and here and wanted to give it a try.

I wasn't sure how this would go.  I had visions of a mutilated pumpkin and sticky, yucky, guck everywhere, but surprisingly it was a very neat (and fun) activity.  It was also a GREAT exercise for Kylie's fine motor muscles and fabulous for working on hand/eye coordination and visual spacing. 

I love how my wee one is "working" but SHE thinks she is playing!  That is a win-win to me!!  =0)

ok, so here are the supplies we used:

*2 inch Galvanized Roofing Nails (these have larger heads so it was an easier target for her hammer)
*Hammer (child size is best)
*Sharpy Permanent Marker

We also had Kylie start the activity by wearing her sunglasses as protective eye-wear, but we found that we didn't need them.  It probably depends on your pumpkin firmness and how animated your child is with a hammer, but we quickly ditched the glasses as there were no flying pieces or any eye danger present.

We started out by drawing a face on the pumpkin (using our permanent marker).  We asked Kylie probing questions (giving her choices) to determine how our pumpkin face would look:
*Should the pumpkin be happy or grouchy?
*Should we have Triangles or Ovals for Eyes?
*Should our nose be big or little?

Then we poked the nails into the pumpkin skin and had Kylie hammer them in.  I love how she is focusing here! 

As you can see, she was having a pretty good time!! She kind of liked pounding those nails in.

Even Daddy got in on the fun! (Tools= My man's presence)

I love how her little tongue is sticking out in concentration. 

After a while, we started to push 2-3 nails into the pumpkin at a time and then she would have a choice as to which one to pound in.  She really liked having the extra choices and it made her pound harder.  I think it drove her crazy that there were "unfinished nails"

And here is the final pumpkin!!  It's a little heavy and her arms are a little tired!!

She's so proud of her hard work!!  We love making memories with our girl!!

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