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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jingles (Our Elf on the Shelf) is back!!

Look who came back to our house last night!!

Jingles!!  Our Elf on the Shelf!!

Kylie found Jingles on her bed (We don't know HOW he got in there!  He's pretty sneaky!)

Jingles arrived in a sleigh full of Jingle Bells.  (well, duh!)

Kylie was so happy to see Jingles!!

Giving Jingles a "Welcome Back" Kiss! 

Jingles brought a few presents for Kylie in his sleigh.  She's checking them twice!! (see the Letter that Jingles wrote to Kylie -at the end of this post- to find out what the presents were!!)

Making sure he is alright from his long trip (notice her bright blue finger nail polish)

Everything seems to be ok!!

For anyone who is wondering... we allow Kylie to touch Jingles the first night he arrives, but from then on, we can't touch him or he loses his magic!!

Kylie LOVED reading the "Elf on the Shelf" Book.
Here is the Letter that Jingles wrote to Kylie.  We found it in his sleigh!!

The letter says...

Dear Kylie,

Yay!  We get to be together again!!

Do you remember me?

When you were 4 years old, you gave me a very special name.

My name is Jingles!!
Santa sent me all the way from the North Pole to help you count down the days till Christmas!

If you look in my sleigh, you will find a few presents!

It gets really cold at the North Pole, so Santa wears his cozy Santa Socks
He thought you might like a pair too!
Now you and Santa can have the same Santa Socks!!

Santa also told me that you sharpen pencils really well!
So, I brought my favorite pencils from the Elf Workshop for you to sharpen. They are sparkly and pretty, just like YOU are!!

We are going to have so much fun together!!
Snuggle up with Mommy and Daddy and listen while they read my Elf on the Shelf book to you!

Every night, I will travel to the North Pole and tell Santa if you have been naughty or nice. (I know you will be nice)

Be sure to look for me every morning, but please don’t touch me or I will lose my magic!

Don’t forget to make your Christmas list (Mommy and Daddy will help you)

I’m so happy that we are together again!


P.S. My friend, Buddy the Elf, told me that …
“The best way to spread Christmas Cheer
is singing loud for all to hear.”

Will you sing to me???

 Kylie was hilarious!!  When she put on the Santa Socks, she exclaimed "I'm so adorable!!" (she's only heard THAT a few times - ha! ha!).  The Santa Socks were a big hit (she is slumbering in them as I type)

Her two favorite activities in life (right now) are stripping crayons of their labels and sharpening pencils with a hand sharpener.  Both activities are GREAT small motor exercise so we let her have at it!!  (Thank Goodness Dollar Tree sells crayons!  Dollar Tree is also where Santa shops for his Santa Socks and pretty, sparkly Christmas pencils)

It is so special that Santa and Jingles knew just what to give her!! (wink, wink)

At the end of the letter (in the P.S.) when Jingles asks her if she will sing to him, Kylie chose to sing "Jingle Bells" - She thought of that all on her own and I thought it was a great idea - not to mention fitting to Jingles' name!!  Good Thinking Kylie!!

We asked her if she wanted to tell Jingles what she wants for Christmas so Jingles could tell Santa.  She said yes, and told Jingles she wants a "Blair Barbie Doll" and "Songs of Praise" (A Cedarmont kids DVD/CD)...It was sooo sweet!!

We plan to use the Jingle Bells that were in the sleigh for a lacing activity!  It will be a very festive necklace!

Hope you will check back in with us throughout the month of December to see what Jingles is up to!  It will be a fun adventure!! 

P.S.  When we asked Kylie if she was naughty or nice today, she promptly responded "nice"  =0)

Sweet Dreams Everyone!!

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  1. What a clever Christimas tradition. I know Kylie will love it! You need to video her singing to Jingles! Would love to hear it!

  2. I actually have it ALL on video...I just have to figure out how to convert it so I can post it on here. It was cute!!