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Friday, October 28, 2011

Center Grove Orchard Fun - A great way to celebrate fall!

Center Grove Orchard - Fall 2011

I wrote yesterday about Kylie's Sound Sensitivity and how it impacted our visit to Center Grove Orchard.

We did manage to have a good time (when we could dodge people and find a few semi-quiet places)

Enjoy sharing in our day...

A stolen moment in the old fashioned school house

We skipped the "official" orchard sign (and the huge line of people that went with it) and found a simple pot of fall flowers.  (You can tell the sound is starting to get to her.  It was shortly after this pic that she started putting her hands over her ears)
She loves to have her picture taken with mannequins (and scarecrows) - maybe because they don't talk??  =0)
Kylie LOVES animals.  Even stinky goats!
Kylie and the White Rabbit.  (Have I mentioned she has a "thing" for Alice in Wonderland? Both "Alice" and "Henry" (we don't know where he came from) live at our house and are Kylie's imaginary friends.)
Playing at the Mad Hatter's Tea Table
Pouring Tea... one of her favorite things.  We could have stayed under this tree all day.
In the old fashioned school house - What a student!
Can you say "detention"??
Bored in school??
(actually, she started to see a group of people enter the school house)
Watching Daddy be silly. 
We figured out we can make her smile if we sing "How much is that doggy in the window" (she starts to laugh and tells us to "turn that off" - so funny!)
Favorite thing: Jumping Pillow
She jumped so high!! She was loving it!
more jumping
The corn ocean: Kylie normally LOVES this, but she couldn't take it this year with all the kids screaming.
She pretty much was attached to our legs and begged to leave. (not-like-her-at-all)
The end of our fun day - and ready to go to ....
PIZZA RANCH (Kylie's favorite place to eat)

It was a fun day - though a difficult one for our precious girl.  We might try to go back in November and see if she doesn't do better with less people around.  We'll see.

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