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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lucky Pumpkin Game- An October Activity

I can take absolutely NO credit for this post.  This idea did not originate with me, but I thought it was so great that I wanted to share it with all my friends in blog world.

One of Kylie's Occupational Therapists (Marsha) came up with a way to adapt the game "Lucky Ducks" for Fall/October. 

Kylie LOVES it!!

While shopping at Dollar Tree one afternoon, (see? I LOVE Dollar Tree), Marsha found some mini, plastic, pumpkins in the candy aisle.  They actually hold a citrus flavored powder (like a pixie stick).  They are packaged in a clear box and there are 6 pumpkins in each box (6 pumpkins for $1).

You would need 2 boxes of pumpkins to make a complete game, but you could always adapt the game to work with however many you have.

Marsha also found a package of 12 foam sheet pumpkins (all 12 for $1- you will only need 4 of the 12)

She put garage sale colored dots on the bottom of the plastic pumpkins (4 in each color of red, yellow, blue and green).

On the back of one of the foam pumpkins, she put 4 red dots.  On another pumpkin she put 4 blue dots and so on...  (I only had 3 colors, so I only used 3 dots)

This is the "fast version" of play for Lucky Pumpkins

This version is a bit harder so it takes a little longer to play

Then, you play "Lucky Pumpkins" the same way you play "Lucky Ducks".  

I thought this little narrative on the original directions was cute.  For Lucky Pumpkins, you would modify it to "rolled down to the pumpkin patch", "spent all day playing", and etc.

Game Play:  Each player (starting with the youngest player) takes a turn picking up a pumpkin and trying to match the dot on the bottom of the plastic pumpkin to the dots on their pumpkin card.  It is a little more difficult than a memory game as the pumpkins travel around the moving pond (- or you could call the pond a "pumpkin patch").

To Win: The first player to collect all their required pumpkins, wins.

As soon as we got out of therapy that day, I made a bee-line for Dollar Tree and bought the pumpkins and foam cards.  We didn't own the game "Lucky Ducks" so I checked Craigs List and found one for $1.50 (SCORE!!)

This game - which can be played multiple ways, has cost me all of $3.50!!

We have also been working on teaching Kylie how to take turns.  To make it easy for her to remember whose turn is next, we give her a little reminder card.

Kylie is easily distracted and tires easily so this has helped her have more endurance and requires less "remembering" so we can work on other skills as well.

Kylie paitently waiting to play

As Kylie gets older, we can adapt the game again to accommodate math problems (The answers to problems can be on the pumpkins and the actual equation can be on the foam pumpkins).

P.S. The pink case that is housing my pumpkins came from Michael's Craft Store (Their receipts are printing coupons for 40-50% off any item not on sale.)

Have you ever adapted a toy or game? or do you have a creative October activity to share? I'd love to hear about it!

Kylie Wins!!

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