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Thursday, October 20, 2011

An Icky Sticky Halloween Sensory Box

Our Icky Sticky Halloween Sensory Box

There are so many great Halloween themed items to explore this year!  As a result, I decided to take full advantage of the sensory opportunities being presented this season and put together a second (but much smaller) sensory box for my princess.

This box is housed in an ordinary tackle box.  I purchased sticky eyeballs, sticky mice, sticky bats, splat balls (pumpkin, eye...), a sticky bat, squishy skeletons, and etc.  I didn't pay more than $1 for any of the items and many came in bulk (the exception was the splat balls and I used my 50% off coupons and got them for under $1)

My shopping places were Dollar Tree, Michaels and Target.

Kylie is not big on touching icky or sticky things, so I was sure to include big orange tongs for her to pick things up with.

She does lots of transferring into the pumpkin silicon ice cube tray I found at Dollar Tree (Other stores are selling these for $9!!-- crazy! When I saw that, I ran back to Dollar Tree and found a skeleton one and a finger one.)  Have I mentioned how much I love Dollar Tree? 

She also transferred the eyeballs back into their original packaging which had dimples specifically for them.  These aren't so "pretty", but work well.

Kylie has enjoyed exploring, making mommy squeal over the little mice and just being silly and adventurous.  It has been neat to watch her play.

Here's a few pics...

Transferring the eyeballs into the pumpkin silicon ice cube tray (mice are looking on)

Again, ignore our jammies, we tend to do our "challenging" play first thing in the morning.
(P.S.  Using 2 hands on the tongs is cheating!!  Caught you little one!!)
She is being brave and touching something sticky (or icky) - this is really a BIG deal for her!
Checking out a bat
Such GREAT fine motor work!  Way to exercise your little fingers!!
She's doing so great!
We are hoping that this kind of play will encourage her and "condition" her to be more adventurous with other "icky/sticky" kinds of things like foods, soaps (K hates baths), outdoor play, crafting and etc.

Do YOU have any kind of icky sticky play that you (or your kids, class, etc) enjoy? I'd love to hear about it!

I have a GREAT silly putty recipe, I'll try to get that posted soon!

Hope to hear from you all!

Happy Halloween!

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