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Monday, October 17, 2011

Naked Freedom - A Colorful Milestone

What is it about Kids and the phase they go through where they don't like clothes? Such a scenario has been the case for Kylie lately. Much to our chagrine, she loves to strip down to her skivvies and feel the wind on her skin. We have figured out that she does this so that she can better scale the door frame between our kitchen and living room. She climbs it with the ease of an african monkey. 

Ignore the pajamas and bed head
(we aren't morning people around here)  =0)

Kylie climbing the walls like this freaks everyone out - except us. It is amazing the things we have gotten used to. We just work with her on sliding down slowly (vs her wanting to jump down). She tells us to "go through" - (She wants us to walk under her legs).

Kylie gets the joint pressure/balance training she needs and we learn to treasure every moment with our girl (and a few good kodak moments too)

However, the nakedness does not stop there.

This week, Kylie's favorite activity has been tearing the paper wrappers off of every crayon in the house. She will do this for long periods of time, and it is a very calming activity for her. I have learned to not fight the things that give her peace but it usually requires an adjustment in my thinking.

I have always enjoyed coloring. Coloring with crayons is therapeutic and calming for ME! To me, there is nothing better than a perfectly sharpened box of crayons (the 64 pack of course).

(A funny side note: Dan and I differ on what is best for Kylie. He thinks she should only have access to 5-7 crayons while I, on the other hand, feel her creativity should not be stifled and she should have a 64 pack- funny the things you debate when you become parents. ha!)

In fact, when Dan and I were dating, one of our more fun (but silly) dates was when we went to a store and each picked out a coloring book and crayons, bought oreos and milk and went to a local park. We colored, listened to music and threw a football around. It was tons of fun and a great time of talking. Just plain old simple fun. (It told me a lot about the guy I was dating too. Dan was willing to do something out of the ordinary, something creative and different. He wasn't "above" something so simple and silly.)

I always dreamed of coloring with my child. However, Kylie, in her uniqueness, does not "color". She loves coloring books; but she looks at them as though they are storybooks. There is no "coloring"

This past summer, when we were visiting my parents in Illinois, Kylie kept asking to go home. This was so STRANGE and unexpected as Mamaw and Papaw have a swimming pool and Kylie LOVES to swim. I finally got out of Kylie that she wanted "3 girls". This was what she called her jumbo Barbie coloring book (the one toy we had left at home - I mean seriously.. we practically needed a moving van to get all the other toys to Illinois with us. How could I pass over that ONE??)

At one time Kylie's favorite thing was markers, but the past few months she has refused marker play of any kind (not even on a white board - *gasp*). She has refused to do ANY writing of any kind.

Until... (drum roll please)...smelly markers! Her Occupational Therapist, Erin, introduced her to them and now she LOVES to write. The first thing she asks for are "smelly markers". She even prefers this over swinging or hanging. whoa!

I think part of it is that she enjoys saying the scent names like "cinnamon" and "licorice" (it is so cute to hear her)

I ordered some and have them put away for Christmas. I am dying to give them to her sooner, but I don't want to take away from her therapy success.

One of her therapy goals has been to draw a smiley face. She had refused for months, but just recently she drew the following picture. It had been so long in coming and was such a HUGE success for her that I laminated it. It was a proud moment.

Kylie's First Drawing of a person
September 25th 2011 - Age 5

Kylie described her drawing as
"Belle (Disney Princess), holding a stick, with squigglies on her dress"

To bid on this exquisite specimen of art, please email (just kidding)

Such a simple thing, but such a huge achievement for our Kylie.

So what if she disrobes crayons? My girl is creative... I'll just think of it as her gaining inspiration for future creative endeavors. Only time will tell! Maybe there will be a Gallery Opening with "Princess Kylie" on the Marquis (and yes, I am fervently praying it will be an art gallery/museum vs a strip club)

(Just so you know, my parents and inlaws have just passed out cold after reading that strip club comment, but I thought it was appropriately witty - ha! ha!)

Feeling Creatively inspired! (but keeping my clothes on- in layers and more layers...)
Amy =0)

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