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Monday, October 31, 2011

File Folder Games for Fall (Halloween Too)

This was one crazy busy weekend for our family.  Before it was over, Kylie had been in her Halloween costume no less than 6 times.  We had a blast as a family! 

I will be sharing pics as I get them cropped and formatted, but here is a sneak peak.

However, in addition to all the Holiday Happenings this weekend, My fabulous hubby gave me some time to put together 5 Fall themed File folder Games for Kylie.  November starts THIS WEEK and I am trying to pull everything together for my November themes.

These ideas are not original with me.  Most of them come from Preschool Printables, Learning Center World and File Folder Fun.

I was unaware of how much TIME it takes to put these together.  It looked so easy (well, it IS easy, but they take a long time to make - especially if you make them to last by laminating everything)

Here's a few pics of our Fall File Folder Fun in action.

Halloween Number Game:
The Ghosts have the numbers written on them alphabetically.  You match those to the numeral on each pumpkin stem.

This one is called "Halloween Number Names" (from Learning Center World)

"Pumpkin Alphabet" by File Folder Fun
Pumpkin Alphabet was a real draw for Kylie.  I modified this one so that you fill in the missing letters, but then also so you can match all the letters to their pumpkins.

Scarecrow Colors:
This one, I also modified so that not only do you match the colors, but I also made a color free set with just the alphabetical wording on them so she matches the color words to their colors.

"Scarecrow Colors" by Preschool Printables
Here she is matching the colors

And, of course, it wouldn't be a good day if we didn't line them all up...
But notice they are not lined up in the order of the color of the rainbow... Progress in being flexible!!
Here she is matching the all white scarecrows with their colored matches

 Turkey Lurkey:
I made her two Turkey Lurkey games - one for colors and one for numbers/counting.  She is boycotting the number one because you have to "work" to count the dots on the Turkey's chest and then match the correct number.  She will do it with prompting only. 

However, she loves the color one. This isn't just solid colors either.  The Turkeys are very colorful making it a bit more challenging

"Turkey Lurkey Number Match" and "Turkey Lurkey Color Match"  by Preschool Printables
This one is "work" for Kylie. 
She is really smart and can do it, she just doesn't want to take the time to do it.
I love that they are so colorful and appealing to the eye.

We have had a really productive weekend and Kylie has really enjoyed this addition to her learning/therapy tools.  She gets them out as she wants them and she has been really good about putting the pieces back into their bags. 

However... This pic better sums up our weekend.... Very little work and a whole lot of SILLY!!

More pics to come and

Happy Halloween!!

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