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Friday, October 21, 2011

MORE Icky Sticky Halloween Sensory Box Play

We are having SO MUCH FUN with our Icky Sticky Sensory Box (see my original post HERE) and things are just getting better!  Take a look at what I found at Dollar Tree today!!  Kylie and I were in Icky Sticky Sensory Box Heaven!!

They only had three packages in stock and we grabbed all three.  These stretchy body parts will go GREAT with the items we already have!!

I was really impressed with the quality of these little guys (ahem... items).  They are so detailed! 

We especially love the tongues.  They are incredibly squishy and life-like!  They have bumpy taste buds and even look shiny like they are wet!!  Really creepy but also fabulous additions to our sensory box.  We could hardly wait to get home to play.

Kylie thought she would try on the nose.  It was pretty funny!

Then she went for the eyes.

I hope you all are saying ...

Cause that will mean that we did good!  =0)

Here is the final product with the new additions.

Just can't get enough of that tongue!!  ha! ha!

Maybe the Icky Sticky Sensory Box is too much for you or your little ones.  If so, be sure to check out our other Halloween Sensory Bin.  It is great fun too!

Happy Playing!!

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