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Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Sensory Box

She found the little scarecrow hat right away.  Love her braids!

November is finally here and although I am still basking in the glory of all that our halloween was, I am excited to start a new month. 

This month's sensory box was a bit more tough as I wanted to focus on the Pilgrims, Mayflower and Squanto (the Native American) as well as giving thanks. 

I was quite frustrated with the lack of pilgrim/thanksgiving toys available.  It is really a shame when you think about it.  I suppose stores don't want to market the toys as there is such a focus on religion, but it is also the story of our country's beginning.  It is HISTORY!!

I am especially frustrated that Squanto gets such little recognition!  He saved an entire colony of people - which means he saved America!!  (not to mention he lost his entire family in the process)

Anyway... I found ways to adapt other toys and did find a few thanksgiving themed items.  Kylie is thrilled with her new sensory box and is learning about "Squasho" (as she started to call him - had to fix that pronunciation right away- but not until we got a few laughs out of it.)

Here are some pics of our November fun and learning.

This is what Kylie woke up to on November 1st. 
The base of the box is dried peas that Kylie can scoop and pour.  Then we have fall colored pom poms, leaves, Trees, clusters of faux grapes,  pumpkins and the Fisher Price Thanksgiving set
I love the detail on this set.  Very quality toy.
The pilgrims on the "Mayflower" - I had a TERRIBLE time finding a toy that looked like the Mayflower!  I finally found an Imaginext Pirate Ship that  I could alter to look like the Mayflower.
This is actually a very fun toy.  The sails go up and down, there are three cannons that actually shoot, if you turn the discs, the crew moves, the anchor drops and retracts, the plank extends and retracts.  Kylie has loved it!

Kylie loves this long pair of tongs.  She keeps trying to transfer those itty bitty peas with them.  I showed her the scoop - thinking that would be more fun, but she insists on using the tongs.  funny girl!!
Kylie has totally mutilated her grape clusters.  I found these cute grape clusters at Dollar Tree.  They come in green and purple and are really squishy.   She has pulled all of them off their stems (and, no, they don't go back on - remember it is Dollar Tree =0).  So, I gave her a little container to keep them in.  Now, Kylie sorts them by "blueberries" and "grapes" (with green being the grapes)
Little Miss November is feeling a bit giddy over her November Sensory Bin
These are the tools, scoops, tongs and containers she gets to use to play in her Sensory Box
I found the Turkey cup and bowl in the Target dollar section
A couple of these are from the Michaels sidewalk sale - less than $1

Over the course of the month, I'll share how we play in our sensory box.  I have to be honest - I was sad to put away October's box.  I had grown pretty attached to our Icky Sticky Sensory Stuff (you can read about it here too) - what fun!!

Don't worry, I have some fun ideas for November - Stay tuned and check back often!

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