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Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Highlights - Our Pretty Kitty

Yes, I am a Christian and I DO "celebrate" Halloween.

(I think the big debate between fellow Christians is how they define the word "celebrate".)

Let me be clear. I do not celebrate witchcraft or Satan. Satan does not "get" a day in my family. We love Jesus, we teach Jesus and we follow Jesus.

To us, "celebrating Halloween" is defined as a big costume party with lots of candy.

This was the first year Kylie was interested in "checking out" her candy.  After every deposit, she would peer into her bag and announce what she was given.  I think she picked this up from the Charlie Brown Halloween special where the kids all do this and Charlie Brown sadly exclaims "I got a rock" - Poor Charlie Brown.
 In any event, Dan and I were tickled to see her do this.

I could go on and on about my personal conviction or position regarding Halloween, but you all are not here for a soap box sermon.

I will however share a link to a really good article that I recently read.  If you choose to comment on it or disagree with it, that is absolutely fine, but please be respectful to me and to my wonderful readers in the way you choose to comment. 

Here is the link to the article: "Hallowing Halloween"  (I think the author makes some really great points.  It certainly made me think)

On the flip side, a friend (and one that I really respect) suggested that I read the pamphlet "The Truth about Halloween". While I am interested in reading it, I really don't think it will change my mind about how our family chooses to "celebrate" Halloween or more specifically "Trick or Treat". 

I have come to realize that this topic is more of a "cultural" issue based on how one was raised or influenced even more than a "religious" issue as I know many truly faith based people who do and who do not "celebrate" Halloween and every single one of them has a very real faith. 

Each of us will be held accountable for our decisions and if we did the right thing for our particular family.  We had ALL better base our decision making on solid foundations.

Can God be glorified in and through the vehicle of Halloween?  I believe he can.

***stepping down from the soapbox***

Hopefully, you are here to see pics of my ADORABLE and super sweet baby girl and to hear about all the cute things she did while Trick or Treating.

This year, Kylie's costume was a cat. You can read about how we came up with this idea and how we made her costume here. We called her a "pretty kitty".

To finish her costume I actually found the perfect mask at Michael's Craft Store the day before trick or treating. It matched her outfit perfectly and was the best $3 I could have spent.

Here she is all warm, cozy and ready to get some candy.
I have to share a story about this next pic.  All evening long, we had been prompting Kylie by saying "What do you say?" she would reply "Trick or Treat". 

Well, we came to this house where this older man was wearing a Jack Sparrow hat (The one from Pirates of the Caribbean.) It was a little intimidating as it had dreadlocks, but as he was not wearing any makeup, Kylie decided he was ok. 

As she approached the house, he stepped out onto the porch and we again prompted her with "What do you say?" She hesitated and you could just see her looking him up and down.  We again prompted her "What do you say?"  

 Kylie stepped up to him and said "Arrgghhh" in her best Pirate voice. 

All three of us adults burst into laughter.  Kylie had totally caught us off guard - it was PRICELESS!!  Such a funny and precious memory!

I just love looking at her little kitty tail!  ha! ha!

After trick or treating at the very last house. 
Chilly and ready to snuggle!!

I'm sure I'll share a few more memories in my next few posts.  I'm so proud of my girl.  Autism makes everything harder and the fact that she had such a successful time is monumental for us!!

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into our life!

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