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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Preschool Pumpkin Activity (Fine Motor)

I found this great wooden pumpkin cut out at Michael's Craft Store (now on sale in the fall clearance section for $2.99 - hurry!) and this idea was born.

The cut out came with an attached wooden stand (which I had my husband remove so we could lay it flat).  On one side the holes are large and on the other side, they are much smaller.

My original idea was to have Kylie put golf tees in the holes (which would have added a level of difficulty) and then balance marbles on top of the golf tees.  However, the holes were not small enough and the golf tees tended to sway to and fro and were not sturdy enough to hold the marbles (they slid right off).  Bummer!!

So, for our first transfer activity, Kylie was allowed to just transfer the marbles onto the holes with her fingers. 

Once she has this task down, I will increase the difficulty by having her use various kinds of tongs and tweezers to make the transfer.  Right now, though, she thinks this is super easy and breezes right through it.
She's feeling pretty confident!!

She also tries to cheat by laying a handfull of marbles on the wood and then trying to get several to go into the holes at once.  Nice thinking my little brain wiz, but mommy is on to you.... gotcha!!
Kylie cheating - caught in the act!

P.S.  I purchased the marbles in Michael's dollar section.  Kylie loves how the marbles are cool and smooth to the touch.
Here's a few more pics of Kylie in action:
She loves just holding the marbles

picking and choosing which holes to fill first
Ta dah!!
But then..... Mommy had a brain storm of a way that might make this little activity work with the golf tees...I really had my heart set on using the golf tees!

I remembered that I had picked up a bucket of large "fun fusion" beads several months ago at Michael's and wondered if they would fit in the holes that were drilled into the pumpkin.

  As you can see, we never use them for "fun fusion" purposes, we use them for lacing activities.

We also use them on Peg boards to make designs and work on patterning.

Drum roll please.....

Yay!! It works!!

My next problem was that the golf Tees were extending past the wood (they were too long)

Enter: My husband, Dan (Also known as Prince Charming). 

If there is an opportunity to get out the power tools, he will drop anything to rescue a damsel in distress (ahem.. that would be me)

He pulled out his little Dremel tool and cut those golf tees down to size

Soooooo... NOW, Kylie puts the little fun fusion bead in each hole, then she puts the golf tees in and then she balances a marble on top of each golf tee!! 

This exercises her fine motor muscles, challenges her eye hand coordination and improves her problem solving skills.

The perfect 3 step activity!   LOVE IT!!! 

NOW Kylie is challenged! 

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