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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Daddy Dilemma

My heart really went out to my husband today as he was put in a heartbreaking predicament. 

Kylie woke up unusually early this morning.  When she came into our room it was still pretty dark out, but it was time for Dan to start getting ready for work.

He graciously and lovingly changed her diaper and fixed her a formula sippy cup and gently laid our drowsy, bed-head girl in bed next to me so we could be cozy and snuggle. 

I wrapped my mama wings around her and curved her body to mine in an attempt to keep her warm.

As Dan was about to turn away, we heard a soft pause in the fervent pull of milk and her little baby voice say ...

"You snuggle too dad??"

I could feel my husband's heart rip in two as he knew he had to do a hard thing.

He leaned over, gave Kylie a squeeze and explained that he had to go to work, but that mommy would snuggle with her.

Our precious girl, our gift from God who we literally waited years for and who loves us best when we are all "togever" whimpered  "No! You snuggle too!!"

She really wants Dan to quit his job =0)

Lying in the dark, I felt him squeeze her again and I could sense how torn he was feeling. 

I knew he was thinking of throwing it all to the wind and climbing back into bed with us to "snuggle some more"

But... the responsible, loves us so much he is willing to give up more to provide, worlds best daddy and husband, stepped away to do what had to be done.

I know as he walked away he was thinking that if, Lord forbid, something would happen to us today, he will regret forever not fulfilling that request to "snuggle too"

I felt so sorry for him;  my heart was just breaking for the love of my life!

How difficult those steps away from us must have been!

Sometimes love means doing a hard thing.  And sometimes it is a REALLY hard thing.

I love my man!!


  1. Lucky you to have such a good man.

    Amy, have you seen this? It's a new therapy for ADHD and ASD using classical music and balance exercises. I don't know if it's relevant to Kylie's specific needs, but it sounds really interesting.,0,1309642.story

    Please have a look!

  2. So proud of Dan and all he does for your family! He works hard, plays hard and gives it his all! So thankful for my wonderful sons-in-law!

  3. Annie, thanks for sharing that link. Kylie did do something similar to that a while back, but we had sme technical difficulties (the headphones were too big for her). Her O.T. Asked me just yesterday if I would be interested in trying it again. Glad to hear it is becoming more popular and recognized.