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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Stocking Traditions: The Victorian Rule of Thumb for Filling a Stocking

I always love to hear about how our family and friends celebrate the stocking element of the holiday tradition. Every family is so unique and diverse.

* My Husband was always given his stocking first thing on Christmas morning.

* My sister in law's family did stockings first but she had to go on a hunt to find her stocking.

* In my family, stockings were ALWAYS LAST!! It helped make Christmas last a little bit longer.

Now that I am married and have a little one, we always follow the

Victorian Rule of Thumb for Filling a Stocking:

Something to Play With
Something to Read
Sweet Treats to Eat
Something They Need!

What is your family's Stocking Tradition?

On another holiday related note....

I absolutely LOVE this clip from YouTube telling the Christmas Story.

However, to be accurate... They have the ending a tiny bit wrong.

The Wise Men would not have gone to the stable. They DID find Jesus, but he would have been a toddler by then and no longer at the stable. (remember it took a LONG time for them to travel, this was pre-airplane/jet/train/automobile time)

Still, the main gist of the story is there and my Kylie has LOVED watching it!!

This year, as you celebrate, be sure to celebrate his "presence" and try not to get caught up in all the other trappings of the season.  Those things can be fun, but it really isn't what the season is all about!! 

Hoping we can all keep proper perspective this holiday season!!

I hope you'll share your holiday traditions!  I love hearing what other people are doing to celebrate!!


  1. I didn't know that little fact about Victorian stockings. I had baskets as a child (not stockings) and they were left out for us. We could play with them while we waited for our parents to wake up. In hindsight, I see the strategy in that one. :)

    That's our tradition now, too. Stocking first, and she can open it right away. I think I'll leave it in our room this year for that reason.

  2. What fun!! Was it a "special" basket or just an ordinary basket? Did you have the same basket each year? Do you still have your basket? Did you find "staple items" in your basket each year? (ie: I always got an apple or orange...always)