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Friday, December 9, 2011

The Treasure Chest of Christmas

Several years ago, my Prince Charming and I, came up with a way to sparkle up our holiday giving for each other.

Face it, usually in a relationship one person is blessed with creativity and the other half is... well NOT so gifted in that area. (don't raise your hands)

So, this idea gave each of us a little hint/guideline to follow when gifting for each other, but also left room for some creativity.

We call it "The Treasure Chest of Christmas"

I really need to re-do this frame.  I threw it together in a hurry and it is not my style at all, but for now, it works.  I'll add it to the project list.

We purchased a small set of white drawers (a little bit bigger than the traditional Advent calendar/box) and wrote a poem with a stansa to accompany each drawer's theme.

The Treasure Chest of Christmas
written by Dan and Amy Stout
 December 2000

We have a chest of small white drawers
Whose panels look like little doors.

Christmas takes so long to come
Nine drawers will help to make it fun.

On day ONE, my wish would be
Something special for our tree.

Day TWO comes - What a treasure,
Something for our listening pleasure.

Day THREE hosts our "Special Night"
Dating's best by candlelight

Day FOUR reveals a little toy
Played with by both girl and boy

Day FIVE has come, we're halfway there
Something new we have to wear

Day SIX has treats for our tummy
Candy, cookies...oh so yummy!

Day SEVEN reminds us of forever
When we open our love letter

Day EIGHT is very "scent"-imental
Soft and sweet and oh so gentle

Day NINE has come, the time is fleeting
How I love to spend time reading

We've finally opened all nine drawers
Whose panels look like little doors.

Now it's time to go to bed
I think I hear Santa's sled.

So, the basic idea is that each day/drawer has a theme and each of us is to come up with a gift for each other that fits that theme.  If the gift doesn't fit in the drawer, then you might have to get creative.

Here are some ideas:

* Put clues in the drawers and send the person receiving the gift on a scavenger hunt

* Use Scrabble letter tiles and have them arrange them till they figure out their gift.

* Write a riddle and have them guess.

* Write the gift on the back of a jigsaw puzzle and have them put the puzzle together.

A funny story: One year, we forgot to put the Scrabble tiles back into the game and we played an entire year of Scrabble games without the letters that make up the word "Bill Engvall" (how in the world did we play without all those L's?)

Don't worry, I don't leave you hanging... Ideas for each day are as follows:

 Day ONE: Something special for our tree
* An ornament
* If you have an ornament that is a box (like I have- wink, wink), the box could hold money, jewelry, tickets to an event, or etc.
* A Photo

· Day TWO: Something for our listening pleasure
* A cd purchased from a store 
* A homemade cd with your loved one's favorite songs
* Tickets to a concert or symphony
* CD of a comedian or your favorite radio show

· Day THREE: A "Special Night" and it's better by "Candlelight"
* A favorite candle (soy, of course)
* A candle lit dinner
* A date (the sky is the limit on what you do, the point is to get away and enjoy the holiday together
* A drive to see Christmas lights (pack a thermos of cocoa, warm blanket and christmas cookies)

· Day FOUR: A little toy played with by girl and boy Something you can do together such as...

* Wii game
* board game
* card game
* I-Phone App
* sport equipment

· Day FIVE: Something new to wear
* Gloves/hat 
* Jewelry/watch/pin
* Perfume
* Lotion
* Trip to salon or spa
* Shoes
* Clothing
* Pajamas

· Day SIX: Treats for our tummy
* Favorite chocolate or candy 
* Gift certificate to coffee shop, bakery, bistro or stam
* A new belt
* Restaurant gift certificate

Word to the WISE... Do NOT give your loved one a Gift Certificate to the gym or a piece of exercise equipment... That is a BIG no no!!

 · Day SEVEN: Love letter
* Love letter 
* Thank You note
* Poem
* Favorite inspirational story
* Favorite fairy tale

· Day EIGHT: "Scenti"-mental
* Something meaningful
* A memory-making outing of your choosing.
* Perfume/Cologne 
* Lotion
* Candle
* Bubble bath
* Baked goods
* coffee

· Day NINE: Reading
* Favorite magazine
* Newspaper
* Book
* Gift certificate to download book on electronic device
* Comic book
* Internet time
* Letter

The secret to the success of the Treasure Chest of Christmas idea is that you have a guide! The poem directs you to the category to purchase/make from.

P.S. This makes a GREAT wedding or first baby gift!!

P.P.S- Someday, I want to have little brass plates made, to attach to each drawer, with the clues engraved on them.  (Big sigh... someday!!)

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