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Saturday, October 20, 2012

SPOOKY SPELLING Part 2 - Friends Join the Party (and FREE Printables)

Yesterday, I shared a SPOOKY way to learn and reinforce spelling and vocabulary words.

Today, I am sharing a more advanced way to continue in your SPOOKY SPELLING activities.

My daughter is only 6 so her spelling words will seem super easy to most of you.  But these activities are easily modified for any level of speller.

This activity uses the same tools we used yesterday:
*Bean Box / Sensory Box
*Tongs (if you want to work on improving fine motor strength)
*Spelling Flashcards
*Alphabet Squares (see below)

HOWEVER... Today I am adding in a few more friends to change the scenery and keep things visually interesting. (Spiders, Ghosts, Bats and Pumpkins)

I found these in the Target discount aisle.
I have also seen them in Michael's Craft Store

These fun add-ins also add a level of diversity to the textures you are working with.
Just place them in the bean box and stir everything up.

Kylie adds the ghosts
Kylie adds the purple bats
Kylie adds the orange pumpkins
Kylie adds the Black Spiders
These give me the willies (shiver)
It doesn't seem to bother Kylie at all! Yikes!!
We definitely have more visual interest today

Instead of using the cards with the full words on them, Today I am using laminated squares with individual letters on them.  Click on the photo below of you would like the letters for the first three lessons I shared yesterday.

Next, I have Kylie help me bury each spelling word card and all the letter cards in the bean box.

getting it all stirred up

She is ready to DIG IN!!

Then I have her find a picture card and we begin our search for the letters that spell the word.  This version takes a bit longer so your little one may need a break after each couple of words.
Using the Tweezers/Tongs to work on strengthening fine motor muscles
For breaks, I had Kylie either do physical exercise (example: Hop like a bunny) or, to add variety, I switched to math/listening skills (example: hand me 3 ghosts, 2 bats and 4 pumpkins)
Finding the letters for each spelling word

I am also including these links to the FREE activity sheets I made to go along with the Alphabet Cards. (week 1, week 2, week 3)  Note: be sure to print all the slides in week 1 as you will need all the letter squares for week 2 and 3.

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