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Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Mother's Prayer

I love this song!!  (Click on the photo below to listen to the song)

 I think I used every kleenex in the house before it was over!  Talk about sobbing!! Wow! did this video/song ever hit home for me!!

I am posting "A Mother's Prayer" on my blog in honor of my Kylie!

If God should take me home before I have sufficiently taught you these things.  May you remember them through this post.

 I love you baby girl! The sacrifices your daddy and I make will never be enough, but rest assured... God loves you MORE and God has a PERFECT PLAN for your struggles and challenges.  You will have a beautiful life if you recognize his sovereignty and TRUST in HIM.

Readers: I hope you enjoy it too!! (click on the box below to hear the song)
P.S. If anyone knows the story behind this song, I'd love to hear it.

A Mother's Prayer 
Rachel Aldous

A Mother’s Prayer (Hannah’s Song)
Words by Rachel Aldous
Music by John Mandeville

My sweet baby on loan from above.
No better treasure could I more love.
I stand here beside your bed as I pray
I lay my hand on your head and I say:

May you grow up to serve Him
All of your days
May He lead you and guide you
In all of your ways.
May His hand bless your future with
Friendships that last
May you cherish your youth
And not grow up too fast

Verse: I stare in wonder at your tiny frame
Just to think that God knows you by name.
He knows every hair on your beautiful head.
He knows your thoughts before they are said.


May God grant you peace
In the midst of a storm
May God give you strength even
When you’re forlorn
May you answer the door when
Jesus comes knocking
May wisdom guide when
Your mouth is talking.
May discretion protect you
And keep you pure.
May you never stumble
Or fall for a lure.
May your heart remain humble
To the very end.
May uprightness and truth
Be what you defend
May the world not ensnare
Or change who you are.
May the light that’s within you
Shine like the stars
May angels surround you
Body, spirit, mind
May favor and peace be yours to find.
May rejection and pain
Never reach you.
May your spirit grow bold for what you’re called to


As you rest in God’s care I will rest too.
Knowing that Jesus is watching over you.

Hannah speaks: I love you Mommy…

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