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Friday, October 19, 2012

Reckless Love

My sister in law shared this song with me and I am in LOVE!  This melody is so beautiful and the lyrics are so breathtaking!

I Couldn't Love You More is my heart's Sonnet to my daughter, Kylie.

March 21st 2006 We had just met our daughter in person for the first time. 
Kylie Mattea was God's gift to us through adoption.

The lyrics became even more meaningful to me after I heard the story behind the song (you can hear it too if you click on the link toward the end of the song)

I am blessed to coordinate a Bible Study/Mom's group for moms of children who experience special needs or who are medically fragile.  We are a small group of women who spend time grieving, bonding and upholding one another in prayer.  Our knees are calloused and we use lots of Kleenex.

Our children are our commonality and in "real life" we are so different that some of our paths might never have crossed had it not been for God gifting us with these particular children.

These women have become some of my closest friends.  This warm community is a safe place where we can gather in our sweat pants or cozy fall sweaters and just "be". How I love each of these women and the sacrifices they make personally, in their marriages and of their futures to meet the needs in their family.

These angel women are brave and courageous but most of all they are inspiring. In a world where there is such a spirit of pettiness and excess, these women remind me monthly of what the true and meaningful things in life are all about!!

What I love most about this circle of friends is that at the end of our time together, no matter how much frustration, anger, hurt or grief has been expressed, we circle back to the throne and bring it all to HIM.  We remind one another that God is sovereign, that EVERYTHING happens for a reason and that our children are VALUABLE, CHERISHED and above all TREASURED by the one who couldn't love them any more!!

What safety, comfort and security we can have knowing and resting in a Heavenly Father who never leaves us and who is always carrying us.

I hope you will listen to the song and be reminded of what truly matters.  We only get one chance at this life- we need to make it count and we need to love recklessly as time is fleeting.

Thanks for listening to my heart!

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