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Friday, September 21, 2012

Home School Tools

This post is dedicated to Home School Tools!  We are gearing up to begin homeschooling here at...

"Brighten Corner Academy!" 

(I wish you could hear Kylie say that - it is so cute!!)
You'll hear a lot about it in the coming weeks as this is the singular thing consuming my brain these days. 

This is a brand new adventure for us but we all three are really excited about it. 

As I went to college to be a teacher, I don't find the schooling part to be too much of a challenge, but what will challenge me is adapting things to accommodate Kylie's special needs and learning style. 

However, I am excited for the challenge and will keep you all posted as we pursue this new season in our lives.

We have chosen to make a small investment in our home school endeavor by purchasing a few items that will grow with us on our homeschool adventures.

This is what we are starting out with.   (I'll share our curriculum choices in another post)

Weather Bear
I use this one (as seen on Measured in Moments
and this one  (from The View From the Pew)
(This pic is pretty close)

 The directions say to use Velcro, but we use Sticky Tac instead. 

6-legged ball chair
We ordered this one

This ball is GREAT if you have a "fidgiter" - Kylie is really active and doesn't sit still for long. This ball chair gives her some sensory and vestibular input so that she can focus for a longer period of time.
I know... It looks like some cosmic cow ball, but it really helps stabilize the ball so Kylie doesn't roll off.

Virco Adjustable Table/Desk
We use this one

I was shocked when this arrived.  It is so well built. I couldn't believe how heavy it is (and it only cost $5.95 to ship). 

Kylie won't be able to tip it by leaning on the edge of it (that is a good thing and I am super impressed with this table). 

We can also do art activities on the table surface without having to worry about scratches or dents or surface abrasions.

We also chose a table with Adjustable legs so the table will grow with her through the years.

Scotch Thermal Laminator
We use this one

Laminating Pouches
I use these
Sam's Club also sells lamination pouches in boxes of 200 for around $20 (at the time of this posting)

Paper Trimmer/Cutter:
We use this one

Storage: File Boxes
We use these (they run about $9 at Walmart)

Work Boxes
We use these
(The above link is at Amazon which offers free shipping on orders over $25, However, JoAnn Fabrics offers the same drawer unit and sometimes they have coupons for 40-50% off items that are not on sale).  The better deal depends on the starting price.

American Flag  (note: at the time that I posted this, if you click on this link, the photo is not of an American flag, but you will receive an American flag if you order it with this link.)

Christian Flag

Flag Holder
That's all for now...

I hope you enjoyed seeing what we are using as we prep for our homeschool season!

I'd love to hear what products you enjoy as well (always looking for new ideas or great deals!)

Kylie enjoying a "chewy tube" (we use these.  They are very calming for her) and doing the "homework" that she assigned herself- She can't wait for school!

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  1. I enjoyed reading this post! I noticed you had a "charlotte mason" label for this entry- i love Charlotte mason methods (but maybe that's obvious with the literature based learning I share about on my blog). Also, Lucy really responds well to chewy tubes. You've got me thinking about a stability ball type chair now! Hmmm, gonna look into that. Thanks for sharing!