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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dance Without Limits Fall 2012

This week was the fall season inaugural week of ballet 2012 for Kylie.  Kylie participates in Dance Without Limits (Sponsored by Ballet Des Moines).  DWOL is a ballet program specifically designed for children who experience special needs.  It is an amazing program with amazing, patient helpers and teachers.  We are THRILLED and Kylie LOVES it!!

Kylie has a beautiful opportunity to be kind to friends, move her body to the music, learn to be graceful and bond with amazing teenage helpers who love ballet and who love on her.

Here's a few pics from this week's adventures.... (sorry for the blur, my girl seems to never stop moving)

On the runway!  =0)
Little Audrey Hepburn
In the car on the way to ballet
Kylie's amazing helpers Chloe (left) and Ellen (right)
Kylie with Daddy (the sunglass twins)
Kylie with Mommy
All tuckered out from first day fun!

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