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Saturday, June 4, 2011

All about me: (Princess) Amy

I have had many new friends join my blogging community in the last few weeks and for the most part, we have never met personally, so I thought it might be a good idea to share a little bit about myself.

In a nutshell.... (ha! ha! ha! - you'll see how funny this is in a minute)

I am the oldest of 4 children (3 girls and then a boy) - my mom calls us her "Little Women" (my brother, though the prince of the family, gets mad that he is left out of that description).

I grew up a preacher's kid, married a paratrooper, was a military wife (and due to various deployments, was alone about 6 months of the first year I was married. Not an ideal start to have, but, I assure you, the other 6 months were pure heaven- you can uncover your ears and stop muttering "get a room", I won't elaborate!)

-so much for my nutshell- I pretty much set myself up for failure as I am notorious for my longwindedness- hope you'll stick with me though...

I love to scrapbook, surf on facebook, watch movies, play boardgames and try new Restaurants.

I have experienced infertility (and still do- it has been 18.5 years at press time - for anyone who has experienced infertility, you know that every day, hour and minute counts).

My husband and I adopted a precious baby girl at birth (and was part of her life the majority of the pregnancy). My daughter, Kylie Mattea, was later diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

I have been married for 18 years and am so GLAD we had 13.5 (honeymoon) years to build a FOUNDATION AND STRONG MARRIAGE before we were put on the path of special needs parenting... it is HARD but God is GOOD and we are THRIVING.

We live in a tiny little house, built in 1891, that we named "Brighten Corner" (from the old sunday school song "Brighten the Corner where you are...") - it's pretty much a money pit, but we love making it ours.

We love to vacation (especially at Disney World but would pretty much go anywhere).

I love to read and my husband enjoys when I read aloud as we travel or ride in the car.

I used to work in the Corporate World in Resource Management and Communications, but now I am a poor (financially) stay at home mom who is wealthy beyond measure (and who, someday will receive a GREAT inheritance in the Kingdom of my Heavenly Father God)

I am a member of First Federated Church (I know, what's a "federated"?- basically a baptist without all the rules. We can wear swimsuits to church if we want... no one has tried, but we could...) I serve with the women's ministry (one of my duties is coordinating the facebook page... check out "Cafe Bella FFC")...I am also mocked frequently (all in good fun) because I love the color pink... (The concensus seems to be that pink is "dated" - does that mean I am old? still trying to figure out that one...)

My husband and I coordinate a program for International Students at Drake University (we pair each of them with an American Family who will introduce them to our community and to american culture. We have about 200 families and 350 students. We LOVE "our kids" (ahem...young adults) and pour our life into theirs....and drive them crazy with hugs!

I have also recently agreed to support my good friend, Heidi, in coordinating a
Bible Study/Support Group for moms of special needs kids (a group that has blessed me immensely over the past year). We have BIG shoes to fill as our friend and former coordinator, Melissa, has recently moved with her family to Louisiana! I am excited to work with Heidi to meet these dear ladies where they are and help them grow closer to the Lord. (We moms of special needs kids seem to have a ton of questions for God... don't worry, He's not too busy for us - he created us to be chatty - right?)

If you haven't guessed, I LOVE TO WRITE. If I had a dime for every person who has told me I should write a book about my life (a lot has happened in my short life - yes, I still think I am young at 38), my husband could stop working for at least a couple of years. And...truly, my greatest dream is to write a book - though blogging is pretty great too!

My very dearest friend has 4 children and I have often thought we should co-author a book called "Friends through Fertility" as SO MANY of our friends fell away from us when they started having children (and we remained childless). My sweet friend hates to type, so it might not ever happen, but I may convince her someday. She's pretty awesome.

I have been published a few times on, in Iowa Spectrum Magazine and I am a monthly guest blogger on author, Jolene Philo's website (her second book "Different Dream Parenting" will be coming out this fall)

What is my blog about? Unfortunately for my readers, my blog is about a (very) flawed, transparent princess of the KING who wants only to be her best self and help others. I also write about Autism, Family Life and my gorgeous gift from God: Kylie...

If you can handle all of the above, I'd love to become your friend and learn more about YOU!!

Come visit me often at "His Treasured Princess" (I LOVE to put my feet up and sip me some hazelnut coffee or iced tea with lemon). Can't wait to connect with you.

" a charming word in a friend's vocabulary." ~Louisa May Alcott


  1. Stopping by through Blog Frog - I just loved your "ramble" - you sound just like me! If you stop by my blog, you'll see how much I ramble on and on too, lol! But sometimes you just have to and it feels great to get it "written" down. I am a new follower and look forward to reading more of your posts. Have a blessed day!
    Musings From a SAHM

  2. Hi Erika! Nice to meet you! So glad you stopped by!

  3. Hello, thank you for joining me at my blog frog community. I look forward to your visits to my blog too. I'm following you. I enjoyed getting to know you. When you stop by Katherines corner I invite you to join me and other Christian women at Ruby For Women too. Big Hugs and you do Brighten the Corner where you are!

  4. Love your enthusiasm! Thanks for following on Blog Frog. I'm following you there now and on your blog. Stop by my blog sometime when you have the chance! Blessings!

  5. Hi katherine and Sara- It's so much fun making new friends. I can't wait to get to know you better.

  6. I am so excited to be a part of the Moms group with you!!! Can't wait to have more time together! I love reading your blog....add another dime to to the should write a book:)