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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Brown box from "Heaven"

I believe that God makes families.

The first time we met Kylie- we hadn't slept in two days. 
Still, we were beaming!!

God chooses the perfect baby for each mommy and daddy. Sometimes, he makes families through birth and sometimes families are made through adoption.

In our case, we were brought together through adoption. Our precious Kylie was adopted at birth (but, if you asked me, I'd tell you BEFORE birth as we loved her fiercely before we ever met her).

4D Ultrasound 3 months before Kylie was born

18 months later, we learned that our family would also experience the world of Autism as our Kylie was diagnosed with the Autism Spectrum Disorder: PDD/NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified). Those big and intimidating words mean that our Kylie did not fall "neatly" into any one category but that she had multiple symptoms from all over the Autism Spectrum.

One of our first clues that we should suspect Autism

We would expect nothing less from a girl as creative as Kylie. She is uniquely and wonderfully made - right down to her diagnosis.

Once we knew her diagnosis and had resources in place, we threw our efforts into obtaining therapy for our girl. As the primary caregiver, it became my privilege to accompany Kylie to her appointments and to participate, support and supplement the therapy given by the professionals.

As a result, I have become a toy expert. I LOVE toys. Nothing teaches a child or is better therapy for a child than toys. I am constantly evaluating toys for their "therapy properties": do they promote making choices, strengthen fine motor muscles, encourage movement or pretend play? Will eye/hand coordination be improved? will social/emotional skills be enhanced?

Anytime Kylie shows a preference for a certain toy, I am like a hawk looking for the best way to obtain that item. I'll do ANYTHING to help my daughter in her quest to be her best self.

My favorite way to obtain therapy items is by recycling or up cycling (people donating things they no longer use, repurposing an item, finding it at a tag sale or making it homemade). I even pray asking God to help me find the toys that motivate Kylie to learn.

All this background to set the stage for my story about the Brown box from "Heaven" ...

Recently, Kylie has shown an interest in Polly Pocket dolls. Most moms get really frustrated with Polly Pockets because the pieces are so tiny, but there is much value in Polly Pocket dolls

1. They promote dressing skills
2. They exercise small/fine motor skills
3. They encourage pretend play
4. They require eye/hand coordination
5. They exercise endurance
6. The rubber helps with sensory sensitivities
7. The colorful clothing promotes color recognition, sorting and matching
8. If organized properly, they encourage good "clean up"/responsibility skills.
(my best tip: store the shoes in individual pill boxes.)
9. The different themed outfits encourage "world experience" (introducing, sports, dance, careers, family, pet care, swimming and etc)

When I saw Kylie's interest, I began to look in earnest for the dolls. As most of you know, to purchase one doll and an outfit it costs close to $10. Pretty expensive for a family who's primary monetary provider just went back to work after being laid off for 6 months.

I had done some writing during the winter (trying to earn some extra money for therapy toys) and had 2 articles published and a cover photo used. However, after multiple attempts to recover my promised salary, I have been unable to do so. I determined that I would turn this unfortunate situation/injustice over to God and have him work out the details. I had done all I could on my part without actually burning much needed bridges and also without compromising much needed networking. 

(Note: this was my second assignment with this particular publication and I was paid for the first, but have not received compensation for the second set of articles)

Fast forward to this week... I knew I couldn't go to the store and buy the dolls so, as it is garage sale season; I asked my friends on facebook if they would help me watch for the dolls.

I had a couple of friends who sent me Craig's list links, but after inquiring with the owners and they not answering my inquiries, I was beginning to get discouraged and was worried that Kylie's interests would soon change to something else (which is very common with kiddos who experience Autism).

The next morning, Kylie and I were "having coffee", as she likes to say, and I heard someone on my front porch. This usually only happens when I have ordered something and a box is being dropped off. I had not ordered anything so I felt really nervous to have someone on the other side of my front door (especially when my hair was still a rat's nest and I had not yet donned le brassier for the day- I know, a little too much info, but it is true and explains why my heart began to beat radically.)

I then heard my screen door slam and knew by the quiet, they were gone. I waited a few more minutes for good measure and then cracked the door ever so slightly. On the floor, was a brown box with my envelope mail sitting on top. I retrieved the items and settled onto the couch to inspect the mystery.

The box was a "Tastefully Simple" box and I don't know anyone who sells that product. The mystery grew even more. I then examined the box more closely and noticed it was addressed to Kylie (and her name was spelled correctly... have I mentioned how many times people call her Kaylee?)

I then tried to figure out the return address and was surprised to see that it was marked "From: Heaven" (and no return address)...

I cropped out our mailing address  =0)

My heart was beating radically again (but, this time, it wasn't because I had not yet donned my supportive undergarments)...

I had no idea what was in that box, but I knew that in my hands I held a miracle: a gift of love for my Kylie. The tears began to gather in my eyes and I had to blink them away so I could see to cut open the tape that held the gift in place.

When I opened the box, I found it FULL of Polly Pocket dolls, furniture and clothing. I knew it was from someone who knew my Kylie, as the gift was wrapped carefully within a vintage Disney Princess beach towel. (yes, we are ga-ga for Princesses in our house).

I showed Kylie, who was oober excited, but explained that I needed to give the dolls a bath first. As I dumped all the tiny pieces into my colander for the bathing process, a card fell out. On the front (which was hot pink - we are ga ga for pink at our house too) it said simply the word "love", the inside explained that the person who sent the gift had found the items at a garage sale and instantly thought of Kylie.

It did not pass my notice that not only had God met our "need" for additional therapy items, He did so ABUNDANTLY.

I had been hoping to find 2 or 3 dolls so they could interact with each other in pretend play... However, God had bigger plans for our therapy play. He provided in that treasure chest of a brown box.... not 2 or 3, but .....drum roll please.... 22 Polly Pocket dolls, clothes for all of them, a car, a table and a chair. Multiply each doll by $10 and you have over $220.00 of Polly Pocket dolls!! Praise God!!

While our story is amazing... (and WOW was it not only amazing but unexpected too), it was not the first time that God performed a miracle that was full of "shock and awe".

In Luke chapter 5 and in John chapter 21, we read a story about a few men who were fishing. They had worked all night and not been able to get a single bite. They pulled to shore and were washing their nets when Jesus approached them and asked them to go a little deeper into the water to cast their nets. The men, tired and worn from working all night, explained to Jesus that they had worked all night, but if he had a new idea for them to try, they would.

The men rowed into water that was "not far from land" but about "200 cubits" and cast their nets on the OTHER side of the boat.

They began catching fish and the sheer number of fish was so great that they had to call another boat to help them. The amount of fish threatened to sink the boat!! Their blessing was overwhelming!!

Luke 5:9 says:
they were "...AWESTRUCK by the number of fish they had caught, as were the others with them."

God doesn't just give blessings, he POURS out blessings in abundance.

He blesses to the point that we are so overcome with gratitude we feel overwhelmed by the emotion that comes with the gift!

God not only cares about Turkeys and Boogers (see my last post) but he also cares about Polly Pockets and a precious little girl, who is adopted, who experiences autism and who has a need to strengthen fine motor muscles in her little hands.

"Trust in HIM at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before Him. God is a refuge for us. Selah."
Psalm 62:8


  1. So happy for you and your princess! That is a beautiful story. Bless the kind person who thought of you.

  2. Kylie is a beautiful little princess with a mommy who’s the queen of love!
    Much love and many blessings
    ~ Debra

  3. Kim Mei & I are so very happy for Kylie, and also you and Dan, for granting the desires of your hearts. All glory and honor to our Heavenly Father!:)

  4. I have a 19 year old son with disabilities and I'm amazed at the various ways God has used Josh to bless so many lives. God will use Kylie in mighty ways (I'm sure He already has:) You are blessed, Amy, to be entrusted with such a gift...

    Blessings to you and your family!