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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nutcracker Memories

I just want to share a few memories from taking Kylie to see the Nutcracker this year.

To her, she is going to a real, live performance, but really she is going to a dress rehearsal as she could never sit through the entire show.

However, we do it up all fancy.  She wears her sparkliest dress (my spell check tells me that "sparkliest" is not a word, but they clearly have never lived with a little girl!) and her sparkly shoes.  Her Doll, Halle, dresses just like her and sometimes we even don a Tiara!!

It is THAT BIG of a deal!!

We have 4 specific memories from this show some are endearing and some are downright hilarious!  I hope you enjoy them as we did!

Memory #1:

As we were exiting Hoyt Sherman Place (the venue for the Nutcracker performance), we noticed that in the lower lobby there was an American Girl Doll displayed on the table in a "Clara" dress.

 Kylie walked over to the table with her doll, Halle, and exclaimed "Clara! I want to 'troduce (introduce) you to my friend, Halle!"

 It was soooo sweet! Especially, for a little girl who experiences speech and social difficulties! 

 Such a special moment!!

Memory #2:

 After watching the dress rehearsal, we got in the car and I said to Kylie: "The Nutcracker is all done. Tell Daddy where he should take us next!"

I was thinking that Kylie would say "to Perkins!"-(her very FAVORITE restaurant). However, much to our shock and in a very serious tone, she replied "to New York City, Please!!"

 .....Ummmm....don't think so princess!! ha! ha!

Memory #3:
I have been helping Kylie memorize the Christmas Story from the Bible (Luke 2). 

 In part of the ballet, there are several little girls that come on stage dressed as angels. 

 When the first angel appeared, Kylie exclaimed "Look!! The Angel of the LORD!!"

It was so funny! We are STILL cracking up at her declaration!!

Memory #4:
While at the Nutcracker rehearsal, Miss Rachel from Ballet Des Moines, invited Kylie to go backstage. It was such an honor and we were so excited to experience a little bit of what the dancers go through in the wings.
When we arrived backstage, Kylie was intrigued by the man dressed as a woman (who also hides little dancers under his/her huge skirt)
When they realized that Kylie was so intrigued by this, the person playing the role, began to emerge toward her so she could see the costume better. Kylie made a quick exit and was out.of.there.!!

We thought that she was just overwhelmed with the organized chaos that goes into making a show!

However, when we got home, she informed us that "The lady man was coming to get her" - We loved how she called the role "Lady Man"-- Pretty perceptive!! ha!
Kylie is spellbound!
Dress Rehearsal was simply AMAZING!! Ballet Des Moines and all their dancers and staff are so incredible!!
Not only did they invite us to take Kylie to the dress rehearsal for the Nutcracker but tonight they also invited Kylie to go back stage during the rehearsal.
Not only that, they invited her ON STAGE and allowed her to walk to the center holding THE.VERY.NUTCRACKER.DOLL. used in the show and prompted her to take a bow (which to our great delight, she did).....

In her little girl life, this was as big a deal as winning the lottery!
This momma cried tears of joy that my girl got to experience such kindness and generosity when they had HUGE stress on their plates preparing for their opening night!

Ballet Des Moines has been BEYOND good to my daughter and they show her care, patience and accommodation EVERY step of the way!

The gave her an experience she will never forget and most of all they put people before things (they might have held back the Nutcracker Doll fearing she might break it) but they didn't.
As parents, we are more than thrilled, elated, impressed and in awe of what School of Classical Ballet and Dance Without Limits has done for our precious girl!


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