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Thursday, December 20, 2012

No Room in the Inn- An Adoption Story

When I reminisce about miracles I have seen or observed, the most precious of all is the birth of a baby and how God makes families.  Some families are created by birth and some families are created through adoption.

Adoption is not second best, it is GOD's best.  God chooses the perfect baby for each mommy and daddy and the perfect mommy and daddy for each baby.

I can say this with confidence because my own little family was created through adoption.

Adoption Day -October 2006

The hospital part of our adoption story is a true nightmare. I don't share it often as I am concerned it will discourage couples from adopting.

As a brief overview, our baby was taken from us hours after birth, we were separated from our birth parents, we were accused of kidnapping our daughter, I was told by hospital staff that I was "not her mother" (this one thing about killed me), our birth mother's attorney (who was there for paperwork to be signed and who had been invited by our birth mother) was escorted out of the hospital by armed security guards.

The experience was so horrific that I have a hard time reminiscing about the first days of my daughter's life because it was so emotionally painful. What should have been one of the most cherished times of my life instead became one of the most traumatic.
Kylie's 4D Ultrasound
Throughout that terrible experience, there was one event that, while awful, made me reflect intensely on my Father God and His Son, Jesus.

When we were finally given permission to be with our new baby, the hospital told us that we would have to parent her in a waiting room as there were no hospital rooms available.  (We later learned this was a lie and another attempt by the hospital staff to sabotage our adoption experience)

We spent 4 days in a waiting room with our daughter who was low birth weight and who could not maintain her body temperature.  We had no food, no blankets, no water, no cell phone coverage, no privacy and no restroom.  The waiting room was not cleaned once while we were there and hospital staff repeatedly drew blood from our baby in that unsanitary area.

We wore the same clothes for 4 days and slept sitting up in a chair with one eye open concerned someone might try to (again) take our baby.  We had to take turns going to another part of the floor to use the restroom, wash our hands or even get water to make a bottle and had to be buzzed in and out by nurses because they wouldn't give us access badges as they do for most newborn parents.
Kylie's "Manger" in the waiting room.  Friends sent us the balloon.
On the day, we were finally able to the leave the hospital, there were no friends there to greet us or congratulate us, no balloons or pictures, but it was honestly one of the happiest days of my life!!
Kylie was so tiny, that she had to go through a "car seat test" before we could take her home (they  tested her for 30 minutes to make sure she didn't stop breathing
 in a simulated car 
We couldn't understand why the hospital staff was so against us- why they didn't want us.  We had spent so much money just to make the trip and had come a great distance full of love- wanting to share it with our new born baby.  Yet, they treated us like we were the enemy.
When we finally learned that the adoption was FINAL!!
Dan and I, while wounded emotionally, determined to be optimistic. We began to joke that our adoption was similar to the story of Jesus.

Mary and Joseph had traveled a great distance so hopeful for their future as a family.  When they arrived, they were told there was "no room in the Inn".  They lived for days without the comforts and necessities that typical people have and take for granted. And, in the end, no matter how much Jesus loved on people and met their needs, he was despised and rejected - especially by the leadership.
The waiting room was FREEZING cold!
Our story was eerily similar and yet it was a HUGE comfort to us to be blessed (yes, I said blessed) to be able to experience a tiny bit of what Mary, Joseph and Jesus experienced.  It gave us a whole different perspective and attitude toward those who were mistreating us without cause or reason.

As we sat in that waiting room with no family or friends nearby to wrap around us, we spent a lot of time talking and praying about what our heart's desire was for our precious girl who had been gifted to us through adoption.

We had no idea that in a few short months, we would learn that our daughter would experience special needs.  But, even though it was unexpected, it all makes perfect sense as a part of HIS perfect will.  He not only gifted us with precious Kylie but he gifted us with the unique skills, experiences and tools that we would need to meet her every need.  God never makes mistakes when he creates families. We may feel inadequate most of the time, but HE knows differently and guides our thoughts and actions.

I recently found this song by Rachel Aldous and it so closely mirrors the prayers and thoughts we dared to whisper heavenward for our baby girl during those few days of isolation and mistreatment.  I hope you are touched by it too

If you are interested in the background of Rachel's song (Titled Hannah's Song) click here.  Her story affects me deeply.

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