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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tooth Fairy Traditions

Why are traditions important?
"Traditions are the glue that bind one generation to another. They give every member something to look forward to in our sometimes chaotic lives."
"Effective traditions should create positive feelings and fond memories, while promoting a sense of belonging and creating a sense of safety and security in young children"
                             ~(Karin Katherine)
My husband and I have been married for 20 years and it was 13 years before we were blessed through adoption with our daughter. Even before we had a child, traditions were very important to us.  As a couple of two, we were still "a family". We stressed this to our extended family so much that one Christmas my father in law bought us a wall hanging that said "God Made Us a Family"

We have learned over the years that traditions create ties that bind us together. Recalling our traditions are sweet and comforting remembrances and we wanted to gift that experience to our own little girl.  Therefore, we take every opportunity we can to "make a memory" and celebrating the loss of a baby tooth is no exception.
We put Kylie's tooth in the pocket on this little guy and put him carefully under her pillow.

I am the kind of person who plans way ahead for these memory making opportunities so that every detail is just perfect (to me).   I think God wanted to teach me a lesson in flexibility and coping with detours because he had a different plan up his sleeve.

I had everything all planned and thought out for my daughter's first baby tooth loss.  I was just waiting for that first little wiggle. Then, as I was brushing her teeth one morning I noticed she had a tooth growing in behind a baby tooth.  Agghh!!

Off to the dentist we went only to learn that my daughter's condition was called "Shark Teeth" and her first experience with losing a tooth would require major surgery and having FOUR teeth extracted.  This absolutely threw me for a loop and I mentally and emotionally threw a silent temper tantrum!!  I did NOT want this to be my daughter's first experience with losing a tooth - or 4 teeth!  I had memories to make and this was messing that up!!!!

Needless to say, we survived that experience (even made a few memories) and you can read all about it (and my advice for anyone else who experiences this issue) HERE

The Shark Tooth incident occurred in March and we weren't sure if our daughter would continue to have dental issues or if she would ever have a "regular" tooth wiggling experience.

Fast forward 7 months to October and ....Kylie has a loose tooth!!!

So, here are our favorite products and memory making tools/ideas for celebrating a loose tooth.  We hope you will enjoy seeing a glimpse into our family dynamic.

Tooth Fairy Tales
If making memories is important to us, you KNOW we want to record them. We love this keepsake book designed to help you record which tooth fell out when and how it all occurred.  There are also places to attach photos as well as to record any messages from the tooth fairy. There is also a pocket on the front that will store the teeth IF the tooth fairy decides to leave them. (wink wink)
We also knew our Tooth Fairy would need a way to find Kylie's bedroom.  So, we made this door (with the help of Hobby Lobby's doll house section).  We added a door knob and key, a door knocker and eventually our house numbers (not pictured). We used poster putty to hang it so there is no damage to our walls.

Dear Tooth Fairy
This is our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE book about the tooth fairy.  There are tiny envelopes within the book that hold correspondence from the tooth fairy.  It is delightful and full of whimsy!! There is also a gold fairy coin in the last envelope.  My daughter LOVES it (and it answered so many questions for her)!
You Think It's Easy Being the Tooth Fairy?
Little boys and playful girls tend to really enjoy this book. This tooth fairy is less whimsy and more practical. (harumph!!)

I only WISH I were as cool and as handy as this dad...What an adventure he created for his children!! He designed and built a Tooth Fairy Automatic Tooth Transport System.  It is so cool!  You don't want to miss this cool video clip.
(but, I have to ask... who has "extra" smart phones laying around??)

I Lost My Tooth
This book is great for an emerging reader and also solves the problem about a tooth that may have been misplaced before the tooth fairy could come.
This little gal is just a staple at our house ever since Pinkalicious was discovered... We had to include her in our book collection about the tooth fairy.  In this picture book Silverlicious has a sweet tooth, but the special days get all mixed up!

Yo Gabba Gabba: Baby Teeth Fall Out, Big Teeth Grow
And Yo Gabba Gabba is just so much fun!  My daughter is very intrigued by them. They give a lot of developmentally appropriate information in a kid friendly way. It is a colorful and fun addition to our library.

At our house, the Tooth Fairy loves to leave notes for kids.  She uses these free Printables

Our Tooth Fairy always leaves a receipt to confirm she received the tooth.  She uses these FREE Printables

In our house, In addition to a new toothbrush, toothpaste, and other sundry trinkets, the Tooth Fairy leaves a Gold Coin (half dollar) in exchange for a tooth. She purchases them at her local bank or online at
But another fun idea is to leave glittery paper money. The Tooth Fairy will spray paper money with Glitter spray and let dry. She often buys this at craft stores.
Sometimes, the Tooth Fairy is in a big rush and doesn't have time to be searching under pillows for teeth.  In those homes, the children leave their teeth in a clear glass of water by their bed.  When the tooth fairy takes the tooth, she colors the water and leaves tons of glitter floating in there.  She can be really messy sometimes!! (you might want to use a jar with a lid or a pretty bottle with a cork so there is no spillage)
You might want to commemorate the occasion with a personalized Christmas ornament
Or you might add the memory to your child's charm bracelet.

All of these things are just so much fun! And whatever you choose to do, or whatever your budget is.  Don't let a day go by without telling your kids how much you love them and remember that actions really do speak louder than words!

Traditions and memory making are truly important.  Be adventurous and enjoy the moments because they are fleeting.  Time can be our enemy or it can be our friend depending on the choices we make.  Choose to invest in your children by making entries in their remembrance bank.  When they think of home they will remember these simple extras that you put into their every days. Home, will be a lovely warm and inviting place to recall all the special times that they stored up over the years.

Fill their love tanks with your own special touches and celebrations of the small things... because they really are the big things. They are a visual and tangible reminder of how big your love is for them.

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