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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Beach Bag Essentials

These are a few of my favorite things to keep in my beach bag:

X-tra large Beach Bag by Lands' End
This beach bag has a zip top, many pockets inside, flat bottom and is super sturdy! We can fit beach towels and all our other essentials inside easily.  The canvas fabric is also super durable and sun-proof (meaning the contents inside are not affected by sun exposure.) You can customize your colors for the tote and you may also select to have it monogrammed.

This bag is shown in pink, but for a beach bag, I actually prefer the darker bottom panel as it shows less dirt.  We have a Navy, Red and Black one.  (love this bag- also works great for a toy bag on car trips)

If you or your kids are especially creative, you can use fabric markers to decorate your bag. AND/OR, if you are feeling fancy, you could BeDazzle it and add some "bling."

Mesh Back Pack for beach toys.
While our beach toys would fit in our beach bag, I prefer to keep the sand and water out of our towels, books and snacks. I also think it is a good idea for kids to learn to help out, so this backpack style makes it easier for them to carry their own beach toys.  When we are ready to go home, I slip this bag into a plastic grocery bag (to catch any stray sand particles) before putting it in the car, and we are good to go.

Liquid Bandage (no sting)
This is great for those bumps and scrapes that occur around a concrete pool or in a rough surf.  Adhesive Bandages will not stay on once wet. However, this product sprays on, and after a few seconds drying time, your owie will remain clean, covered and protected.
Ziploc Bags
Ziploc bags keep everything dry and sand free!
If you have kids, you need portable TOYS!! 

These transport so well as they take very little space.

I love that this one comes in a plastic bucket.  Less Mess and a second pool/beach toy!

Paint Brush:
Such a simple toy, but my daughter LOVES to "paint" the concrete or wooden surfaces around us with nothing but WATER... Keeps her busy for hours!

Water Wow Books: These are AMAZING.  With just a little bit of water in the supplied pen, your child can create wonderful pre-designed pictures. Each page can be colored over and over again, just allow the water to dry.  They come in many different licensed styles such as Barbie,  Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, Transformers, Disney Princess and so many more

Melissa and Doug also has a line of educational Water WOW books: ABC's, Numbers, Vehicles and Animals. Great quality products

Kid friendly spray bottle by Melissa and Doug
There is no point in bringing along a spray bottle if your child cannot make it work on their own. This one is designed just for kids!
Sand Toys: 
I absolutely LOVE the Melissa & Doug line of sand toys! (These are just a few)
Goggles (Kids and Adults)
In my childhood home,  we grew up with a pool (and frequent bouts of swimmer's ear, until we learned this trick...) and put drops of rubbing alcohol in our ears after swimming.  We'd let it sit for a few minutes and then dump it out into a towel.  Rubbing Alcohol evaporates taking the moisture with it.  But if you want a more "professional product"... Here you go!!

Other things we pack with us (that are individualized for each person) are: 
*A cooler bag and ice packs to keep drinks cold. 
*Beach Towels (we prefer the "sheet" size) and a Beach Blanket
*lip balm with sunscreen
*A good book, magazine or preferred music (but be sure to have an adult on duty to keep an eye on kids)
*Snacks (crackers, cut up fruit, granola bars, Gum, etc)
*Hair Ties
*Water Shoes
*Change of clothes or cover-up
*Hair de-tangler/spray in conditioner
*Portable First Aid Kit.
*A small amount of cash
*If everyone is swimming at once, you will want a pool safe for identification, valuables and keys.
*Powder (Did you know that if you sprinkle powder on your body after being at the beach, it will help absorb moisture and knock the sand right off?)
*I also think it is a good idea to keep a paper with you that lists the contact information for your closest relatives, medical providers, and insurance providers.  It should also list any ongoing/current medical conditions, any allergies, any medication that any in your party are using as well as provide current photos of each member in your party. This is extremely helpful if an accident should occur or if a child should wander away from your group.(consider laminating the information or placing it in a Ziploc bag to protect it from moisture)

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