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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A few of my favorite baby gifts

I thought I would share a few of my favorite baby gifts to give.  I have used all of these items with my little one and would purchase them again in a second. They are AMAZING!!

Scripture Lullabies:
This is my newest baby (and grownup) LOVE:  I just purchased them and we LOVE them...
Volume I:  and  Volume II:

The Birthday Book
Interview questions for birthdays, pockets to store keepsakes and so much more!

My Quotable Kid
Great way to record the precious things your child will say

Inchbug Orbit Personalized Labels (for sippy cups, bottles, thermoses and etc)
(These are GREAT for the church nursery, daycare, picnics or etc.  They work on almost every kind of beverage container. They even offer them in Braille. You can customize your label and list either a child's name, an allergy, contact number or etc)

The Jesus Storybook Bible
(I love how every story circles back to the big picture. Beautifully written)

Read and Share DVD Bible (box set)
(My daughter has learned so much by watching these. She prefers them to Disney - and we LOVE Disney in this house!)

Ark Therapeutic "Grabber" Teethers
(A genuine life saver.  These are great because little ones can hold on to them and they reach those back teeth that cause them such issues. LOVE. THIS. PRODUCT.)
I Love You, Stinky Face book
(One of my all time favorite books)

(I usually give a juice box "wings" and that helps, but this product is even better... Grandparents especially love it.  They seem to care about their carpet more than parents of young children do. We just EXPECT that it is going to get messed up!)
(one end holds a cone and the other end holds the Popsicle stick - NO DRIPS!!  love it!)

(These are greats for kids who like to keep their hands semi-clean and chalk free)
(Great for keeping a child occupied at a restaurant)
Great for attaching Toys, shopping bags or whatever to the cart, stroller, car seat, another toy or etc 
(Great Car and Restaurant toy)

(A must have if you have an Aqua Doodle - love that they have caps!!)
(This tote is amazing and fits everything!! We use it to haul beach gear, board games. library books or etc)
(great for keeping food at desirable temps and for avoiding breakage)
(We use TWO of these during the Iowa State Fair - we clip one on each side of the stroller!  AWESOME.  Happy Baby = Happy Parents)

(When you don't have time to make dinner, this can come in REAL handy!)

Hope you enjoy these gift ideas.... 
Happy Shopping!!


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  2. Thanks Anjali- That is a TRUE COMPLIMENT coming from someone at Ark Therapeutic! Love your products!! I am honored.

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