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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Through The Years

For those of you who don't have a personal interest in my family, I beg you to forgive my trip down memory lane.  These photos will never grow old to me and I love to see the progression of time.

Dan and I waited many, MANY years (over 13) to be parents and when God gifted us with this little bundle through the gift of adoption, we couldn't be more excited, thankful or pleased!  His plan was perfect all along and we love this parenting journey we are on.

Kylie's First Easter-2006:
1 month old
She's FINALLY ours to hold.
(She fit perfectly in her Easter basket)

Kylie's 2nd Easter-2007
Just turned one
She's so much fun! 

Kylie's 3rd Easter-2008
Just turned 2
 Holy Terror, Yes: It's true!

Kylie's 4th Easter - 2009
Just turned 3
Ornery as can be!

Kylie's 5th Easter -2010
Just turned 4
We love her even more!

Kylie's 6th Easter
Just turned five
Adventure has arrived
(Will we survive???)

I hope to add to this each year ...

We'll see how current I stay on my blog!  ha! ha!

Happy Easter Everyone!! 

He is Risen!!

What a reason to rejoice!!

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